About us

Android Forest is dedicated to world’s most frequently used operating system which is Android. We have a team of bloggers and Android lovers who deliver top-notch content to keep your knowledge growing. It is a platform to discover everything related to Android. If you love to know more and more about Android than you will not find any better place than this. We find out best android apps and games for you so that you can save your time from downloading unnecessary stuff. We keep you updated with new information about Android and bring some unknown facts about Android among you.

Who are we?

We are a group of people who love to learn and gather information about Android. We eat android, drink android, and feed android with android forest. We are a team of bloggers, app reviewers, and Android lovers who describe the technology in a simplified way. We are you and we try to understand things from your perspective to serve better. We are working and will be working in future too, to improve ourself and solve your queries better.

What do we do?

We discover various unknown functions in Android and find out best applications and games for users so that they can choose the right one in one go. We check out complete information about every new app and explain everything to our visitors. We work to find out some useful applications that work nicely and put complete information in front of you. We find out hidden functions of in your android smartphone that is highly useful for you and help you learn things about android. We provide you information about all free and paid android apps, games, and mod games.

Our Top Categories

Android is a wide topic and covering whole in one go is not possible. Uncountable apps are running on this operating system at this time and it is not possible to explore everything in starting. So, we are working on some of the top categories for now.

Here are our Top Categories for Present Time:


We check out android apps available in play store and find out complete details about them. We share complete details about the apps with you and explain their uses to you. We review and compare different types of apps and suggest you the ones that are better. We explore every new and old app and check out their compatibility and other details. There might be many apps on your phone that you don’t know how to use or you don’t know their use. We explain you everything about these apps. We provide you details of apps that are best for some specific functions. You can ask for apps suggestion for any particular function and we will provide you complete details with the download link.


If you are a game lover and have an Android smartphone then you don’t need to go anywhere else to find out best games. Whether you want to find out new games available in the play store library or want to update your phone with craziest games, we have complete information about all the games. We provide you complete details of all the best games of all time and keep you up to date with the digital gaming world. We have game information according to everyone’s interest because we understand that everyone has a unique choice and therefore, we have something for everyone. If you can’t find anything attractive for you in the available list, you can ask us in the comment box.

Mod games

Only game lovers can know the value of mod games and we are one of them only. We know your love for android games and that you want to keep playing with much more adventure and interest. Mod games make the game easy and add more fun. We provide you details about the mod files of all your favorite games so that you could have unlimited fun. We update every information regularly and therefore, you can keep your phone updated with latest mod games. All unpaid and paid applications mod games will be there on this platform.

Currently, we are working on these three major categories but in future, we will expand our website with more interesting categories. We will keep the platform growing big with the support of all of you. Explore the posts, ask your queries, and get solutions earliest. Make your android phone interesting and exciting with us.